Crimson Monks

The Crimson Monks associated with life force and preservation. Meditating with these monks helps us understand the delusion of attachment into the wisdom of discernment.

The Geyao Monks represents balance and harmony. In the past it would be used to meditate with to help understand our jealousy and use it to grow as a person.

Bhumisparsha represents attained enlightenment, he reportedly used this gesture to summon the earth to bear witness to his victory over the seductive forces of illusion. Abhaya represents the gesture of fearlessness.

He developed the inner self and transcend worldly desires, hindrances or obstacles by harnessing spiritual fearlessness and strength. Bodhyangi represents supreme wisdom.

Once developed, he could view the world in a different perspective and understand desires.

Our Buddhas statues are made for indoors home decor.

Hand Sculpted 10cm High By 4cm Wide

Geyao Is Glazed Painted Made From Traditional Ceramic

Standard International Shipping.

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